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 P&K uses several aluminum alloys, including 6063 and 6005 for
lighting arms and pole shafts, and 356 and 319 for base castings.
The advantages of aluminum include:

  • No rust or corrosion
  • Light weight for easier handling
  • Ability to bury directly where desired
  • Excellent recyclability
  • Safer in collisions, with better breakaway performance
  • Low deflection and vibration for better luminaire performance
  • Wide range of long-lasting color coating options available

Aluminum lighting standards have been proven in over 50 years of successful use in the harshest winter and coastal environments in the world, both on foundations and when directly embedded in the ground. P&K’s warranty covers its poles for 20 years.

P&K’s “Soft Corners”

P&K’s new “soft corner” square polesare powder coated and have the following advantages:

  • Better color coating
    adhesion on the corners
  • More strength through
    the corners
  • Lower wind resistance
    (resulting in less deflection)
  • Less wind induced
    vibration (resulting in
    longer luminaire life)

Finish Options

 P&K aluminum comes with a variety of finish options:

  • Mill finish (plain, chemically cleaned surface)
  • Satin finish (sanded; standard on round tapered poles)
  • Anodized (Duranodic finish)
  • Paint (two-part polyurethane)
  • Powder coating (TGIC polyester with 5-year warranty)

Standard colors are white, dark bronze, green, and black. Custom colors are available.

Warranty Quality